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Why It Matters For the Future

Reducing energy use through intelligent energy efficiency upgrades is the easiest way we can slow or reverse the impacts we are having on the planet, our only home. 

Above Grinnell Glacier in 1910, below pictures from 1940, 2008 and on the previous web page from my hike to this Glacier in 2013. Grinnell Glacier is  just one example of many,. The Glaciers are going away, our stored fresh water supply for the summer, months is rapidly going away. Note chart of the size of this Glacier going back to 1850 (pictures are from the display on the walls of Many Glaciers Lodge in Glacier National Park, Montana. The pace of melting is accelerating.

Water, living beings, energy and the welfare of all of us are linked, bound tightly together. Glaciers melting is a "canary in the coal mine" indicator that we are using up our storage of fresh clean water. Water we need to live, and thrive.

Without clean water we can not live, we can not work, we can not earn a living and enjoy the freedoms our fathers fought and died for over the past many wars and conflicts.

Whether generating power at dams or at large scale power plants, or  pumping oil out of the ground via today's modern fracking techniques or from tar sands we can not do any of these activities without using vast quantities of water. We need water and water equates directly to the energy we use. Water equals life, water equals everything. After clean air to breath, clean water  to drink is the next most important commodity for humans to live. Since water equals energy every little tiny bit of energy we can save equates directly to saving clean water, so we can live. Save energy and you save water.