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1822 SW Madison Street, Suite 222
Portland, OR, 97205
United States

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About Us

Karl brings to the team strong leadership, interpersonnel communication and technical/engineeing skills as well as specific systems experiences; from multiple vendor DDC/PLC, boiler/chiller, airhandler and energy distribution, central plant/district , eco-district, geothermal, biomass, and heat recovery system successes. From his most recent stint as HVAC Systems Branch Manager with JCI, to his early '90s lead role in the design, development, construction and operations management of the largest geothermal HVAC system in Oregon, at the Inn of the 7th Mtn. Plus on a recent effort he developed detailed feasibility studies and schematic designs on a forest wood waste to liquid fuel to electricity project for the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. He has led the project design and implementation of new and upgrade HVAC DDC systems at several of the largest hospitals in the Portland area. These experiences make make him uniquely qualified to provide solid leadership and technical know how to your team.

We focus on optimizing the business outcomes from your facilites from improved more economic processing of data transactions, to faster healing of patients in healthcare facilities, more highly educated students and more highly motivated employees in your offices. We connect development, design, preventative maintenance, and operating strategies to optimize resource utilization, while improving the indoor environment. Being scalable and agile we connect you with the experience needed for larger projects or more modest efforts.

Karl Friesen's focus on true, integrated and measurable "thriv-ability" efforts comes from a life driven to help clients acheive optimal outcomes. This translates into providing building occupants with optimal indoor enviroments where they can be both highly productive and enjoy more, their experiences working, healing, learning or vacationing. This is accomplished by integrating the occupant functions with thedesign, construction preventative/predictive maintenace and overall operations in facilities.

Reducing resource usage as a first step we are able to have the greatest impact on improving the world as a livable place for future generations. KFAA is dedicated to helping you reduce your use of our finite pool of resources. It makes good business, personal and global sense. Let's be the best stewards of the planet God gave us that we can be moving forward.